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What is this?

Suitcase Protocol is a way for us to connect, initiated by PauseOnError. It's a community twist on passing the Olympic torch. It's a traveling suitcase waiting for interactions, experiences, and stories. It's what we make it to be and we need you to be a part of it.

Why do we need a protocol?

Suitcase Protocol brings us together at a time when the world feels lonely and apart. Sure, we have our Zoom meetings and our virtual happy hours, but something feels like it’s missing. When we “stay in touch,” we rarely get to touch anything at all. The Suitcase Protocol changes all of that, putting us physically in touch with our community. It’s all of the hugs you missed at DevCon, wrapped up and delivered to the handoff point.

Travel Polaroids

Care to Share

This is an opportunity to share in different ways. Share a moment with another human as you exchange the suitcase. Share your words in the suitcase’s travel log. Share your experience for others to see - photos, videos, words: your choice. Being together in the present moment is one thing, but debriefing and reliving your moment with the group? That’s pretty cool, too. The Suitcase Protocol is now part of your story. How will you tell that story?

Commit to the Cause

What cause? To do the thing. The success of the Suitcase Protocol depends on each person committing to be engaged, to be present, and to make time for it. While patience is a virtue, having the suitcase stay in one place too long (possibly to be forgotten) will have an impact on future Protocolers. Signing up means you’re willing to go the extra mile (or, hundred miles) to keep the suitcase moving.

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