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Sign up as a member. Join us on Slack. Follow the suitcase. Coordinate with others to get and give the suitcase. Share your story with the Suitcase Protocol by contributing to the blog.

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In Person

Coordinate your hand-offs to accommodate health and practical safety considerations. Meet up and receive the suitcase. Contribute your piece to the physical suitcase (and the Suitcase Protocol). Then meet up with someone else to send it on its way.

Become a Protocoler

If you're interested in participating, you'll want to sign up on this site. 

Over in Slack, you'll get to coordinate, discuss, and experience the Suitcase Protocol virtually.

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Agree to Meet

We know it's an odd time to meet up with people. If it's uncomfortable, don't do it. Suggest an alternative or decline. While the Code of Conduct hopes to drive a positive and supportive environment, we want to emphasize the importance of asking, not judging, and giving consent.


Not sure if someone is quarantining like you? Ask. Is someone else reacting to the current situation differently than you? Don't judge. Feeling uncomfortable with the discussion, the meetup, the situation? Speak up and say no. No is an acceptable answer, and it doesn't need an explanation.


If you don't know the person, it's cool to reach out to others to vouch for them. Ask for a photo. Once you know you will be receiving the suitcase, start planning for your handoff.

Meet Up & Get the Suitcase

This is the fun part. Do your thing! How, when, where you meet up? That's up to you! Looking for inspiration? Follow us on Instagram to see what others have done.


Take a Moment: You now have, in your hands, an object that’s been passed from person to person – some who you know, some you might one day meet. Take an object if it speaks to you; contribute something special for someone else. Write a note to future Protocolers. Take a moment to soak up the good vibes, then pack it up for the next recipient with some of your own.

Meet Up & Give the Suitcase

Meet up! Have fun! We ask that you not keep the suitcase too long - aim to hand it off within 3 days. More handoffs mean more of us have the chance to experience the Protocol in all its glory.

Share Your Story

More fun! Once an exchange has happened, you'll become a contributor to our blog. We'll have some suggestions on what can you post there but the sky's the limit. Are you a[n aspiring] writer? We'll take your prose. Are pictures your thing? Show us those. Did you take a video? Or some other thing you want to share? We'll give you the canvas, you can make what you want of it! Remember that this is the way others get to experience the Suitcase Protocol, so give it your best.

Want to be a part of this Protocol?

Are you part of the Claris community? Whether you've been a part of the Claris FileMaker or Claris Connect Community for weeks, months, or years, join us for a unique experience.

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