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#3 Will >> Brad (Santa to Lucky)

I have been in my house since the first of I jumped at the chance to drive from Austin, TX to Dublin, TX...I didn't even know there was a Dublin, TX!

So the story goes, after Aunt Pearl took possession of the suitcase, she realized it could be a part of the "War on Christmas" that the liberals have been waging for the last several years. Fearing that things could escalate between now and the election, she reached out to the only person she knew who could put a speed bump in their plans...Santa Claus.

Santa, recognizing Aunt Pearl could be right, immediately set out to start the season early and spoil the Antifa plot. And where better to start, than with Lucky.

And here is how the negotiation went down...

The Day


The drive was about 2.5 hours from Austin to Dublin. And it was just so nice to be out of the house! I listened to Broadway musicals and sang all the way...more than sang...I performed!!! Yes, I know. But I am a between singing my guts out and laughing at the satire of the whole story, I was in a great mood!

The GPS didn't take me to the correct place, but I knew I was meeting Brad at the Dublin airport, and I noticed a plane. So I followed the plane and found the airport.

I was greeted by Brad, his 16 year old son, and a burger and fries. That is how you greet a visitor! After eating and talking, we suited up and started filming. Brad's son did the video work, and we laughed our way through filming from various angles and playing with the script. It was a blast. After filming, we enjoyed our Dublin sodas and talked about everything. It was a fantastic time of socializing - many stories were told and there was much laughter.

You know, we "know" each other from conferences, enough to say "hi" and share work-related stuff, but it was really nice to get to know Brad better. I even left with a Dublin Airport t-shirt!

The drive home didn't feel like 2.5 hours because I was smiling and laughing as I remembered the shoot.

This project has been a refreshing change of pace...and I am very excited to see what happens next.

Stay tuned...

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