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Charged by Ramen 🔋🍜

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, and I was just wondering what to do for dinner when I saw a post in Suitcase Protocol wondering if there was anyone between Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta who was ready to receive the suitcase.

Despite my outdated location on the Protocoller map, I was at that moment sitting in my kitchen in Jacksonville, FL... between-ish those two places.

It brought me great joy when Michael, Dexter, and the suitcase met me at my favorite Falafel place (Falafel X, in case you're in town) for dinner. But that's his story to tell, so I'll just include this sweet picture of Dexter and I waiting for Michael to return.

Oh, well, and I can't resist adding this picture of the delightful dinner I had. I mean... yum!! (Yes, I know, that's not falafel. They have falafel, but not exclusively falafel.)

I received the Suitcase and packed it into my car for the (very short) trip home.

Once there, I let it sit in the middle of my living room for a few days, slightly intimidated. Here was this thing that had traveled all around the country --- starting amidst the rubble of our plans for a conference in Saint Louis, and now, two years later, in my living room. It seemed heavy with significance.

Eventually, I worked up the courage to open it up and found some lovely surprises inside. In particular, there were some relics of our collective FileMaker past that are absolutely worth finding the suitcase to see... I won't post them here because... they're precious. The journal is a true time capsule, and it was beautiful to read.

I added my own promotional sticker to the case, and decided it probably needed more delicious food. Or, maybe that's just my answer to everything.

I determined that Ernest, the suitcase, and I should venture to our favorite ramen spot Karai Ramen (don't miss it -- but note that it's not open on the weekend). We ordered up bowls of ramen for ourselves (get the Karai!), and the suitcase basked in the glow of highly satisfied humans.

From there, I handed the suitcase off to Ernest and I can only imagine where it's gone since then...!

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