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A short visit to Boulder

Scott Love delivered the precious item to the scenic overlook of Boulder. Great meeting him and chatting! The suitcase is indeed creating opportunities for people to meet in person.

Then, I jumped on the opportunity to move the suitcase out of Colorado. Not that we're undeserving, slackers, or what have you... It's just that distances are so big in the West. Driving 100 miles for a delivery is one thing, but 1000 miles?

So I met Eden at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, adjacent to The Flatirons mtn, and passed on the leather valise. He objected somewhat to taking it again, but came to understand the virtue of getting the case to St. Louis. Now it's on him, again, to find the next taker.

I'm shooting for the shortest possession of the suitcase: Had it about 1.5 hours.

I'm not supposed to reveal its contents, but let me say one thing: It now contains a collectors item for FileMaker developers.

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