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Suitcase Meets the Colonel

Hey y'all! Harland Sanders here.

02 OCT 2021. The suitcase showed up here in Corbin, KY. I bet I know MJM, having met sometime in all my travels! I had many different jobs but was old when I found my fame with a recipe. Since I'm not around these days except in spirit, my ghost writer (GW), Beverly, will tell my story and hers.

GW reminded me that as a kid, her family stopped at my cafe when it was a standard cafe. I don't think we got to meet, but my wife was still working there at the time! And of course the old US 25 was the route back then, through the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains. Interstate 75 goes over it all now. Nice to know things get better with time! Well, except you don't drive right by my place now in your travels.

Anyway GW says that my life is somewhat similar to you FileMaker devs out there. I hear that most of you had "other lives" before finding your fame using a tool. Great that so many can bring so much. I bet I'd have used FMPro back in the day. Instead of secret herbs & spices, y'all get to work with functions & scripts. It sounds like a great recipe to me.

So, today a couple friends from MI stopped by on the way to something called "Pause On Error". Corbin is the mid-point for those doing the MI<->FL route, no wonder it has so many tourist activities.

It was once a railroad town for coal from the mines on the East to elsewhere. I worked on the railroad for a time, too! Our old Depot is a museum with a couple of old trains. There's a great waterfall nearby with a moonbow, but I but there's not time to visit today.

My original cafe/museum is closed for a new remodel, but I asked GW to include a shot or two. They have an annual Chicken Festival up in London, KY, but Corbin claims me by address. My old house is still behind the cafe/museum.

Corbin wanted to do more so there was this big campaign to purchase bricks for funding the park where my Statue is found. Downtown Corbin set aside an empty lot for the park. GW says she was a big part of that by creating a website to post photos, news reports, and purchase the bricks. You can even find a brick there with her name on it!

Sorry to say the GW is not able to attend POE, but is very happy Chris & Heidi stopped by to meet me! Safe travels and have fun y'all at POE.

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