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Is it your suitcase that's ringing? Is that safe?

First of all, an update on the mysterious MJM. Despite the heroic efforts of several PoE agents, MJM successfully evaded capture on January 3rd. Although he/she escaped, we were able to recover what appears to be a secure line to MJM's handlers in Moscow. If you get the suitcase, maybe you can help us determine MJM's next move.

I met Beth Murillo at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL for the handoff. The Arboretum, as it is known locally, has these really rad art installations of forest trolls that have come to protect the trees from us. This one towers over I-88.

It's way up on a hill and it was pretty icy, so we climbed down out of the wind and chatted for about an hour. I really forgot how nice it is to catch up with developer friends. Thanks for starting this chain of awesome, Martha. I had so much fun doing this! If you're unsure if you should take a turn with the suitcase, just do it. You'll love it. Totally worth the effort.

-Dave Sullivan (Sully)

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