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The suitcase comes to Kalamazoo

It was a big day when Colleen drove down from Suttons Bay to work with me, she was the first person that I'd worked with, you know in person, since the pandemic began. We were both fully vaccinated and decided to ditch the masks. It was great to catch up and such a relief to get a glimpse of normal.

I didn't have any trouble figuring out the next recipient, especially since I hadn't seen Trevor since March 11, 2020. I know the date because we were on our way to LA to meet up with David Knight, then do a presentation at FMDiSC, then... ride motorcycles in Baja Mexico for a week. All of that was of course canceled. The suitcase was a great reason to pay Trevor a visit and so I strapped it on my motorcycle and headed up to Gun Lake. I took the curviest possible route and the suitcase held tight!

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