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The Suitcase comes to The Middle of The Mitten

Just as berry season was hitting its stride, Trevor trekked halfway across the state to bring the suitcase to Michigan State University territory.

We descended into our Cold War-era bomb shelter beneath the back yard. Heidi and I culture pearls in the oyster beds we maintain in a wave pool off to one side of the bunker. After an apéritif and an impromptu cello concert by Trevor, we naturally paired oysters with a nice Muscadet for dinner.

Afterwards we reviewed the contents of the suitcase, which resulted in lots of long division and some differential equations. Ultimately, we decided the best way forward was steganography.

Actually, we ate salads on the deck and drank root beer from the can. No one did differential equations in their head except Heidi. And there was no cello, although there might have been a banjo and a mouth harp. I can't really say any more about that.

Rest assured that the suitcase will soon make its way to its next courier.

If you wish to see: unzip berries_steg.jpg

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1 Comment

Chris Moyer
Chris Moyer
Jul 17, 2021

...or just open in a text editor and go to the end of the file.

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