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The Truth is in Here...

Fellow Protocolers,

I received the suitcase from Eden Morris thinking nothing of it… just a suitcase. We had a wonderful day in Denver, and I assumed that would be the net of it.

But it’s clear now this goes far deeper than I’d imagined. I’m not sure it’s safe for me to post this, but I don’t think it’s safe not to.

I know there are those who do not want this information to get out there. It started with the space program, of all things. My first clue was a photo I uncovered seemingly at random. Cape Canaveral in the early 60s… in NASA archives buried, I saw this:

It was just a fluke that I noticed it. Seems totally innocuous. Was this some crazy coincidence? The suitcase sitting right at my feet as I type this seems identical to that photo!

That’s when things really got strange. I checked more records and did a little more digging. Then I discovered this right on NASA's own website:

I remember the night well. What did Eden know? Which of these photos is the original? Which had been doctored? Why was the suitcase – was it the suitcase, or just a suitcase -- here?

I followed the breadcrumb to another that sent chills down my spine. In digging through further archives of the Apollo program, one photo – I’ve enclosed a scan of the one I was able to secure in the suitcase itself – demonstrated this went far beyond anything I could have imagined.

How is it possible the suitcase was on the Apollo 15 mission – or was it? Were all the lunatics saying the Moon landings were hoaxes actually right this whole time? Two photos and questions were exploding in my mind.

A few days later -- too much to be a coincidence -- we lost our home in a fire. Sure, it looked natural -- impossible winds, almost 200 thousand acres burned – but I found strange evidence in the aftermath. A print of a boot, and the remains of something square, where no person should have been able to step. There's no way this wasn't related.

The photo here came from under what had been the floor of our home. Who had stood there? How was it even possible to leave a footprint there, apparently before the fire consumed our home, complete with a screw later landing in it? What was the perfectly straight sear on the ground next to whomever had stood there?

Was this another coincidence, a warning, or an attempt to destroy the evidence I was collecting? Was I in danger?

I dug deeper, and the next material I uncovered terrified me.

I knew this photo. There is no suitcase in the version we’ve all seen. Why a moon landing, why America’s first flight? Look at the stickers of the case. How is it possible the suitcase – as it appears today – existed in 1903??

This is the photo from the Smithsonian. Again – who is erasing evidence of the suitcase? To what purpose? How, even, have I been uncovering these images?

The mystery deepened. I’ll share I do not have the answers. This message – I have to hurry – I need to get this suitcase in the hands of someone who can pass it on and continue the search – I know I am in danger… ARE THEY WATCHING ME?

The next piece of the puzzle came from Berlin in 1989.

This is bigger than all of us.

What could possibly be going on? Travel around the world, in space, across time…

And it’s not just images. Not only snapshots. A while passed and I didn’t uncover any further instances… I got discouraged. I changed the locks on our home in Denver. I made sure to cover all our windows so no one could see this evidence until I was ready to disclose this to the world. I deleted any email I'd sent mentioning a suitcase.

I admit, I lost track of a few days... maybe a week... I've had the case too long.

I had to be safe. I quarantined in my own home, not seeing anyone.

I turned to Mrs. Zink’s playlist. And I have no idea why, but something in the music struck me. I followed another breadcrumb… and there it was, plain as day:

Woodstock. What was it about this suitcase? What is the common thread??

Then it struck me… Innovation? Transformation? Each of these events were transformative in some way… did the suitcase somehow affect things, was it there to observe somehow, is it benevolent, sinister, or perhaps a platform of sorts of change? Or only a modest, brown relational container of scraps of information?

Music led me further to Live Aid in 1986. I’d have missed it, but by now I knew how to look for the clues.

I have no idea why this humble bag from MJM has followed us through history. Where it will appear next. What story it is telling.

Is it a fellow traveler in our world – a mere container in time – or is it more? Its contents are a jumble -- I've added some of this evidence -- why the items it contains and not others? No explanation... no machine or object that can explain all this.

I have carried the burden of its secrets long enough. I post this here to uncover the truth, but more, because I cannot carry this alone any longer.

I reach out to you – our community – to help. Help us all. Together, can we better understand MJM’s intent, design, and purpose?

-- Scott Denver, Nov 21, 2020

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