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Suitcase Inspection

Last Friday, at the request of Colleen Hammersley, I met Matthew O’Dell in the little Michigan town of Bear Lake. It had been the first time Matthew and I had met. I’ve seen his name on various FileMaker web sites over the years.

The transfer of the suitcase went smooth. I do admit, it is much heavier than I expected.

As soon as I got home in Traverse City, our cats, Han and Luke, felt the need to inspect it. Pictured is Han giving it a thorough looking over. As far as I could tell, it passed inspection.

Fair warning, when you go to open the suitcase, be prepared for it to spill its contents out. This is one seriously packed suitcase. I won't spoil the surprise for future recipients. You can discover the wonders yourself.

Later this week, I will meet with Colleen, and then she will have the joy of seeing what is inside.

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